ALFA Marine

Module TypeNumber of cellsConfigurationNominal Power kW
ALFA M -3113111P311S60
ALFA M -6226221P622S120
ALFA M -124412442P622S240
Cell nominal Voltage1 – 0,2 V cell
Stack Current for 1P config.0-320Amp
Stack Current for 2P config.0-640 Amp

The ALFA Marine is a Module based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack designed for heavy duty applications. With fuel cell stack integration capabilities, the ALFA Marine is designed to perform in rugged conditions and is available in power increments from 60 kilowatts to 240 kilowatts depending upon customer requirements.

The principal functionality of the ALFA Marine Module is to provide stable electrical power to a system over a range of operating conditions and environmental conditions.

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