Nominal Voltage25V
Capacity 100% DOD @ 1C
2100 Watt
4200 Watt
Recommended SOC Window10%~90%
Initial Resistance @ 30% SOC≤0.5mΩ
CONFIG: 8 units 3,2 V 82 A in series

Charging the Battery with 40A, 80A up to 14,6V , then switch at constant voltage and end charge @ 4 Amp, @ 10 Amp

Max discharging Current
240 A
450 A
Nominal discharging current
Self Discharge9,6%/Year
Cutoff Voltage10 V

The ARCO battery Module is a compact, safe and robust lithium-ion battery Pack. This battery Module is designed for Mobility, Military, Solar, and railway, with high-power lithium-ion LFP cells.

The module is designed for hi energy intensive application. The Proprietary BMS control the module ensures safe operation and protects the battery against over-charge, over-discharge, High temperature and Low temperature events.

The Module has been designed to fit into standard racks for larger systems.

The integrated BMS balances Passively the charge between all cells in the battery pack. Energy is transferred from the cells with the highest charge in the pack, to the lowest maximizing the runtime of the battery pack and extending its life. The BMS balancing is active during the charge and the balancing is 5-time faster without increasing the overall recharge time to a significant extent. This lithium-ion battery pack is maintenancefree. It has a longer run time with a shorter recovery time than equivalent lead acid battery packs. ARCO battery packs provide increased range and product compatibility.

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